Computerized Profiling

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Page last modified: August 02, 2004


Downloading Problems

Your download has failed if:

There is no single solution to downloading problems but here's what you should try:

  1. Re-attempt the download at a different time. You do not need to download all the CP files again, only those that did not download correctly on your first attempt.
  2. Ask someone else to attempt the download on his or her computer and, if successful, copy the installation files to a CD or other high capacity storage medium. You can then install the program on your computer from that copy.

Installation Problems

If you encounter any difficulty with the CP Setup program, run the application CP9 (cp9.exe). The first time you run it, you'll receive a prompt to select your operating system and then to enter a data location. Accept the default (press Enter) and the program should run. You should then select Preferences at the Main Menu and check your selections for PROPH Active Phonetic Dictionary and Printer. If you wish, you can delete unnecessary files as indicated in the following table:

If you are running… you can delete these files:
Windows 95 or later pedit.eng
Windows 3.1 or DOS notespad.exe


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