Computerized Profiling

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Page last modified: October 12, 2002


PROPHet Version 1.1

This is a Windows program that allows you to gather a phonological sample entirely on your computer. It displays digital photographs of words you select from a database and provides a convenient way for you to record transcriptional data as you interact with the speaker. If needed, it also lets you award multimedia "prizes" to the speaker so that task motivation remains high. The transcriptional data that you record are saved in a file that can be read and analyzed by the PROPH module of CP. PROPHet uses the SIL Encore phonetic font and has the usual interface features of a Windows program. It is a freeware program and can be used and distributed without restriction.

To use PROPHet you must download both the program itself and the data files (databases, pictures, sounds, movies) that it uses.

Instructions for installation
To install PROPHet, download the "PROPHet 1.1" and "PROPHet Data" files listed above. Double-click prophet11.exe. A set of files will be unzipped and then the setup program will run and install PROPHet on your computer. The default location for the program is c:\program files\prophet. After the program is installed you can delete all files from the c:\windows\temp folder. Double-click ProphetData.exe. Another set of files will be unzipped and added to the folder c:\program files\prophet. Once the program is installed, you can delete the files prophet11.exe and ProphetData.exe.


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