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Page last modified: October 12, 2002


Microsoft Word Macros for CP Documents

This template file contains two macros that can be used to reformat CP documents imported into Microsoft Word. The macros are freeware and can be used and distributed without restriction.


This macro converts the "pseudo-phonetic" characters (e.g., the characters for schwa, esh, eng) used in PROPH reports to true IPA symbols. It uses the SIL Encore phonetic font, which CP installs on your computer. You can view an example of how PROPH reports look after they are formatted using the macro.


This macro converts the characters for bullets and boxes used in CP help files and profile reports.

Note: Depending on how your browser is configured, you may need to download the macro by right-clicking on the link and then selecting "Save Target As".

Instructions for installation

In Word, click on Tools, click Macro, click Organizer. You should see two scrolling lists. Leave the one labeled "" open and click the Close File button on the other list, then click the Open File button. Open the file that you downloaded ( Click CPmacros, then click Copy. This makes the macro available all the time because is the default macro file for Word.

To use the macro, open the PROPH or other CP document you want to convert. Word may ask you in what format you want to import the document. If it does, select Text Only. When the file is loaded, click Tools, click Macro, then select the macro you need (FormatPROPHFile or FormatCPFile) and click Run.


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