Computerized Profiling

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Page last modified: May 14, 2002

CP Program Information

What kind of computer does CP require?

CP will run on all PC (IBM-compatible) computers, regardless of operating system or amount of RAM. If your computer has Windows 95 or later, then you can use Notespad and Textprt, two freeware programs included with CP that are used to create transcripts and print CP documents.

The CP add-on programs (PROPHet, PROPHecy, PROPHer, CP Instructional Movies) all require Windows 95 or later. The macros for formatting of Microsoft Word documents will run under different versions of that program.

CP takes up about 10 MB of hard disk space if you download and install the program, PROPH word lists, and one expanded phonetic dictionary. If you download and install any of the add-on programs or additional phonetic dictionaries, more space will be required.

There is no Macintosh version of CP currently available.


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