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Page last modified: November 18, 2003

CP Program Information

Getting Started

Before you can begin to work with CP you must:

For step-by-step instructions on downloading, installing, and setting up CP, click here.

Starting and stopping CP

TIP: Right-click on the file CP9.EXE, select "Create Shortcut", and then cut and paste that shortcut on to your Desktop. Then you can run CP by merely double-clicking the shortcut.

The first step: Learn about CP

CP is a program of modules (the different analyses), and the Main Menu functions as a bridge among the modules.

At the Main Menu, press H for the CP Help Menu, then select B for CP Program Features. This presents you with a list of help topics on the general features of CP. You can refer to these topics if the program doesn't seem to work properly. If you see an analysis in CP that is not familiar to you, look at the suggested readings to find out where you can read more about it.

TIP: There is no "Help Wizard" in CP but there is a search option: at the CP Help Menu, select I for Search all help files and enter a key word at the prompt. CP will search all the help files for your key word.

Select a CP module and do the tutorial

CP offers a set of tutorials to help you learn the program. You should begin with the tutorial for Program Features, which will explain some of the features of the Main Menu. Then you should decide which analysis you want to learn first:

At the CP Main Menu, select G for the Tutorials Menu. Select the tutorial for the module you want to learn:

After you have done the tutorial for CORPUS, you should do the tutorials for the analyses you want to use (PRISM-L, APRON, Early Vocabulary, LARSP, IPSyntax, DSS, PROP, CAP, or NAP).

Tutorials teach you the basics of each module. For more advanced information, consult the help files in each module.

TIP: You can print the tutorial pages to have available as you work through them on the computer. Alternatively, you can open a second copy of CP in a separate window. Display the tutorial in one window and the program in the other, then use your mouse to click back and forth.

Watch a movie

You can download and watch any of 123 ScreenCam movies that illustrate how to use the various modules of CP.

Use the help files!

All of the documentation for CP is available within the program. If a question arises as you use the program, look at the bottom of the screen for the Help option. It is usually accessed by pressing the question mark (?) key.

Write for help

If none of the suggestions above get you started or solve the problem you're encountering, use the bug report form to request additional help.


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