MaUSECat  Marquette University Spanish English Catalog

What Is Included In MaUSECat?

MaUSECat provides the following resources:

  • A large library of photographs (3000+ English, 2500+ Spanish) tagged for:
    • consonant singletons
    • consonant sequences
    • vowels
    • number of syllables
    • stress patterns (English only)
    • semantic fields
    • number of words (English only)
    • grammatical forms
    • word familiarity
  • Over 200 videos tagged in the same way
  • Over 30 audio files (30 second snippets) of familiar children's music
  • Pronunciation of all picture names by native speakers:
    • African American woman (English)
    • Euro American woman (English)
    • Euro American girl (English)
    • Mexican American woman (Spanish)
  • Photo albums for the following purposes:
    • Articulation tests: picture stimuli corresponding to commonly used articulation tests (English only)
    • Consonant minimal pairs: initial, medial, and final contrast of all singletons with all other singletons, all singletons with null, and all singletons with clusters (English only)
    • Vowel minimal pairs: all nonrhotic and rhotic monophthongs as well as diphthongs contrasted with each other (English only)
    • Phonological processes: words that present opportunities for initial, medial, and final occurrence of common phonological error patterns
    • Collocations: Meals, Seasons, Recreation, Daily Activities, Locations, Events