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Page last modified: August 20, 2008

Welcome to the CP Website!

Here you will find everything you need to download and use Computerized Profiling (CP) and the related programs PROPHecy, PROPHet, and PROPHer. Follow one of these links to find what you want...

CP Information

Tells you about the programs and shows you what they look like. If you just want a quick update, you can find out here in what's new in CP 9.7.0.


Lets you download--free!--all programs, word lists, dictionaries, and macros.


Offers answers to common questions and help for learning to use the programs.


Gives downloadable examples of CP transcripts and analyses.


Gives downloadable examples of standard and nonstandard English dialects.


Lists the works on which CP is based, papers in which CP has been used, and online booksellers who carry books relevant to the programs.


Lets you search the website by keyword.


Lets you tell us about problems you're having or make a suggestion for improving the programs.



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